Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What do Deadmau5 and Disney's Mickey Mouse have in common?

Joel Zimmerman, a.k.a. Deadmau5, is one of the most recognized DJs in the world. He commands a massive booking fee, upwards in the near half million mark. Deadmau5, has waged a war against Disney because the Mickey Mouse company opposed his trademark filing of his mouse mask used in his DJ sets.

The Walt Disney Company is compelled to protect their main character from brand confusion. In the EDM world, three DJS, including Deadmau5, wear headdresses during their sets. Disney must argue that Deadmau5's mouse mask in performance acts is harming or even profiting off Mickey Mouse.

Deadmau5 seems adamant to not back down. He welcomes a fight to continue performing in his unique mouse mask. For the most part, Deadmau5 wants his signature act wearing the mouse mask protected under a patent. In any case, this influential DJ believes that people have enough common sense to know he is not Mickey Mouse.

Do Disney fans believe Mickey Mouse can have this much energy mixing on state-of-the-art Pioneer equipment? How this future court case plays out will be interesting.

What do Deadmau5 and Mickey Mouse have in common? Both characters have big ears!

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