Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Women in DJ Boiler Room Sets

Have any of you noticed the women dancing in Boiler Room sets? Imagine being the DJ playing these sets? These women are obviously swarming the backside of DJs to get a piece of the action. This up-close-and-personal performance style Boiler Room sets employ give women access to the DJ's space.

It is a wild sight to watch the attention these amazing DJs attract during 2-hour shows. For the most part, women in Boiler Room sets serve as pure enjoyment to seduce the eyes of male viewers. In contrast, these women may mingle into plain view to satisfy their attention seeking desires.

The Ibiza Island generates so much attention toward music. DJs lead these shows with massive confidence, clearly knowing how to seamlessly keep the music tracks going on pace, on beat, on point.

We describe the Ibiza music scene as "pure enjoyment nightly" for partygoers lucky enough to be featured in DJ sets. While becoming a world class DJ is a dream in itself, just getting invited to attend an exclusive DJ set represents a dream for partygoers, dancers, music lovers.

Women in Boiler Room sets are so unique, so wild. Imagine the thrill of partying it up with these women. DJs get to have all the fun. What more can we hope for? Music, drinks, dancing, and intriguing women will keep us focused on the atmosphere.

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