Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What do Deadmau5 and Disney's Mickey Mouse have in common?

Joel Zimmerman, a.k.a. Deadmau5, is one of the most recognized DJs in the world. He commands a massive booking fee, upwards in the near half million mark. Deadmau5, has waged a war against Disney because the Mickey Mouse company opposed his trademark filing of his mouse mask used in his DJ sets.

The Walt Disney Company is compelled to protect their main character from brand confusion. In the EDM world, three DJS, including Deadmau5, wear headdresses during their sets. Disney must argue that Deadmau5's mouse mask in performance acts is harming or even profiting off Mickey Mouse.

Deadmau5 seems adamant to not back down. He welcomes a fight to continue performing in his unique mouse mask. For the most part, Deadmau5 wants his signature act wearing the mouse mask protected under a patent. In any case, this influential DJ believes that people have enough common sense to know he is not Mickey Mouse.

Do Disney fans believe Mickey Mouse can have this much energy mixing on state-of-the-art Pioneer equipment? How this future court case plays out will be interesting.

What do Deadmau5 and Mickey Mouse have in common? Both characters have big ears!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trance Music Angel "Emma Hewitt"

Angels on Earth do exist! The lovely Emma Hewitt sings with the voice of an Angel. Green eyed, blonde haired songstress, Hewitt, mesmerizes us. Her lovely voice makes our hearts stutter! Mainstream singers such as Katy Perry, Brittany Spears and Taylor Swift get all the credit. However, it is the amazing Emma Hewitt who deserves all the recognition.

The talented 29-year-old Australian singer, Emma Louise Hewitt, burst on the trance scene in 2002. Since then, she has collaborated with some of the top trance/house/electronic music producers in the world. Dash Berlin's "Waiting" and Serge Devant "Take Me With You" show Hewitt's amazing voice transforming these catchy songs into magical tunes.

Emma Hewitt is one of the most beautiful female singers on the face of this planet. Her blonde hair, green eyes, glowing white skin, vibrant smile and slim figure capture our attention. But aside from her angelic physical appearance, her singing will put her admirers in a deep trance--under a magic spell. Listening to Emma Hewitt sing is a fantasy that we feel is real under a dream state.

We'll be waiting for Emma Hewitt to put her singing talent on display in the Bay Area. We cannot guarantee our focus will remain on Hewitt singing because this gorgeous Australian beauty is to die for. She is like rare artwork.

Check out EmmaHewittOfficial.com to find Emma Hewitt music, bio and concerts.



Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Women in DJ Boiler Room Sets

Have any of you noticed the women dancing in Boiler Room sets? Imagine being the DJ playing these sets? These women are obviously swarming the backside of DJs to get a piece of the action. This up-close-and-personal performance style Boiler Room sets employ give women access to the DJ's space.

It is a wild sight to watch the attention these amazing DJs attract during 2-hour shows. For the most part, women in Boiler Room sets serve as pure enjoyment to seduce the eyes of male viewers. In contrast, these women may mingle into plain view to satisfy their attention seeking desires.

The Ibiza Island generates so much attention toward music. DJs lead these shows with massive confidence, clearly knowing how to seamlessly keep the music tracks going on pace, on beat, on point.

We describe the Ibiza music scene as "pure enjoyment nightly" for partygoers lucky enough to be featured in DJ sets. While becoming a world class DJ is a dream in itself, just getting invited to attend an exclusive DJ set represents a dream for partygoers, dancers, music lovers.

Women in Boiler Room sets are so unique, so wild. Imagine the thrill of partying it up with these women. DJs get to have all the fun. What more can we hope for? Music, drinks, dancing, and intriguing women will keep us focused on the atmosphere.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Maceo Plex and his Sensual Beats

EDM is clearly dominating the music waves. Music lovers are getting high on EDM like it's a drug. Millions of fans fill music festivals, concerts and city clubs throughout the world. House/EDM DJs are making millions upon millions producing electronic music featuring top music talents. There is no better time to become competitive in EDM/House music than right now. Go purchase a mixer and amplifier, master music computer programs, take DJ lessons, and start your DJ music journey today. 

Maceo Plex, real name Eric Estornel, is one of the top house music DJs in the world. Before playing a 2-hour set on The Essential Mix show streamed on a popular BBC radio station, Maceo shared that he started mixing beats in 1992. He channeled into more deeper, sensual sounds between 1998 and 2010 to reinvent himself. The EDM world got a dose of Eric Estornel under his "Maceo Plex" moniker in 2011, with the debut of Life Index, his album released under Crosstown Rebels. In 2016, Maceo Plex released his second album, Solar, named after his son, under his Ellum Audio music label.

Maceo Plex garnered widespread fame playing in Boiler Room sets, making music festival appearances and headlining Mix Mag shows. His songs and remixes continue to dominate YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Pandora and Itunes. On Resident Advisor's 2015 "top 100 best DJs in the world" list, Maceo placed second among the top DJ names in EDM. Mr. Plex recently broke the Guinness World Record for playing the most sets in a 24-hour period (played 10 sets across Ibiza). Folks, that takes some serious talent and passion to perform in 10 live venues in one day, let alone a year.

Under the current music landscape, DJs are finally receiving credit for albums and songs instead of featured musicians singing these lyrics and being known by fans for this music. Top DJs produce music for other popular DJs, opening these mixing artists up to a lucrative revenue stream. Maceo Plex has achieved the type of success most underground DJs would dream of accomplishing in their sleep. Make no mistake everyone, Maceo worked extremely hard to reach his success. He demonstrates passion for deep house, house, techno and progressive music at music shows and events.

Watch Maceo Plex mix music, turn knobs, move his hands like a composer, and feel the mix in his soul. Master DJ Maceo Plex continues to entertain his avid fans, fueling his passion and love for great music and how doing what you enjoy most in life can inspire people to dream. Let's feel the mix with house music!